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Mn. Aquillius Mn.f.Mn.n. Denarius, c.71 BC, TCRRS-3547

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TCRRS-3547, Mn. Aquillius Mn.f.Mn.n. AR 3.94 gm, Denarius, c.71 BC, grams), Obv. Virtus helmeted bust to right, VIRTVS III.VIR around, Rev: Consul Man. Aquillius raising Sicilia, MN AQVIL MN F MN N to left and right, SICIL in exergue.  Rome Mint. S.226, Cr. 401/1, Syd.798, B. Aquillia 2. Off centered on obverse, a serrated edge, gVF and scarce. Type refers to the successes in Sicily of Man. Aquillius (consul 101 B.C.) and to the exceptional valor which he displayed throughout the war.

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