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Claudius and Agrippina jnr 49-54 AD, TCRIS-122

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TCRIS-122, Claudius and Agrippina Jnr 49-54 AD Silver denarius 3.502gms issued 51, Lugdunum mint Obv: TI (CLAVD C)AESAR AVG GERM P M TRIB POT PP, laureate head to the right, rev: AGRIPPINA(AVG)VSTAE around, draped bust of Agrippina Junior to right, wreathed with corn ears (S.1886, RIC 81, RSC 4), Claudius married his niece as his 4th wife in AD 49. Later she was elevated to the rank of Augusta and a few coins were struck in the joint names of the emperor and empress.  Off-centered, otherwise nearly VF and very rare Ex Kirk Davis, Claremont, CA with their ticket.

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