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TCGKPB-52, ANTONINUS PIUS, EGYPT, ALEXANDRIA, AE 16.85 gm 32.6 mm TETRADRACHM, 138-161AD. Obv: Laurate and bearded bust right of Antoninus Pius. Rev: EYΘHNIA, Euthenia, the spouse of Nilus, wearing wreath of corn with Uraeus between, reclining left holding two ears of corn with poppies in right hand and sceptre in left, left below resting on andro-sphinx, in exergue regnal year LB in ex, year 2 = AD 138/39, Ref: BMC pg.138. 1161 Pl.XXII, Emmett 1518. Simular SNG-COP 430.  Reverse better and clear depiction of Euthenia. Dark Chocolate brown patina.

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