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PARTHA, KINGDOM OF BAGASIS 127-126 BC, EXTREMELY RARE,! AR TETRA DRACHMA, 15.86 gms Parthian Kingdom Bagasis, 127-126BC, TCGKS-1

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TCGKS-1, PARTHA, KINGDOM OF BAGASIS  AR 15.75 gm, tetradrachm, 127-126 BC. Obv: diademed head to his right, three ties falling behind. Rev: Tyche seated left on backless throne with winged triteness support, extended right hand holding Nike who crowns her, left hand cradling cornucopia, Seleukeia mint
GRF Assar, "Recent studies in Parthian history, Part III", The Celator 15/2 pg 18, fg 1
Suze pl.Ixxi, 1-2Sellwood 18.1. AU EXTREMELY RARE,! 

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