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Anon, Attributed to John I, Follis TCBYZB-10

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TCBYZB-10, Anon, Attributed to John I, Follis 969-976 AD, AE, 5.34 gm. Obv. EMMANOVH;. Bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus crown (with two pellets in each limb of cross), pallium and columbium, and holding book of Gospels, (the cover ornamented with central pellet in border of dots) with both hands; to left, IC; to right, XC, rev. +IhSYS/ XRISTYS / BASILEY / BASILE in four lines. These have small, thin flans, and are frequently overstruck on follis of Nicephorus II or Constantine VII. In addition, they lack the ornaments above and below the reverse inscription which characterize the succeeding class. Good fine.

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